India Ka Pizza

Pizzas are one of Indians’ favourite foods. Hanging out with friends? Let’s get pizza! First date? Pizza sounds good. Dinner while watching a movie at home? Home delivered pizza is the answer. Comfort food? Pizza, of course. Pizza has become a part of our lifestyle and we just can’t go on even one month or one week without eating our beloved pizza! We all have different taste buds and we all like different toppings. But what’s common among all of us is that we’re all Indians. We are the country of spices. We like our food hot, spicy and tasty unlike other countries. If we compare pizza from Italy with home-made pizza, we like the latter one more. We’re all about the taste. This is why we bring you India ka Pizza!

We can offer you what multinational pizzeria chains cannot. We can offer you something which is perfectly suited for your appetite and liking. We offer you the Indian version of the foreign-origin pizza! In addition to all the basic contents which form a pizza, we add a layer of tomato sauce with hot peppers and chillies surrounding our very own recipe of spices to garnish all the pizza toppings so that it brings out the real taste of everything Indian.

We provide you India Ka Pizza with all your favourite ingredients. There are no contents in your pizza you won’t be able to pronounce, because it’s all Indian! You won’t find any pizzeria which offers you options of pizzas with multiple toppings such as corn, mushrooms, paneer, red paprika, soya, capsicum, green and red chillies with garlic and many more of your home-made ingredients. We believe in providing pizzas with an Indian touch along with customisations at reasonable prices to satisfy your hunger. At Cheelizza, join the fun with the irresistible India ka Pizza!

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