Pizza at Rs. 29!

There was a time when you could eat a vada pav from a street side vendor for Rs. 5. But, now even that vada pav costs about Rs.15 to Rs.30. Inflation has entered Indian markets leaving no one unharmed. But, at Cheelizza, we offer you pizzas at Rs. 29! Yes, that’s right! We are the only pizzeria in India serving pizzas at Rs. 29 with best quality, fast service and satisfying quantity. Cheelizza is based on the foundation of reasonable prices and we stand by it. Not only do we serve a wide varieties of pizzas, we offer them at a pocket-friendly amount to suit all kinds of consumers who share our pizza love.

Our target market is all Indians, especially the ones in the middle class. Those fresh graduates without jobs and no savings whatsoever can survive on our pizzas at these reasonable prices until they settle themselves on their own feet. Even adults who don’t have the capacity to dine at five star restaurants can have our five star pizzas, only at Rs. 29. You can get bulk orders for birthday parties, anniversaries, get-togethers or any event which will be cheesier because of our pizzas. And since our pizzas aren’t over-priced, you can have as much as you want! There’s no age limit for eating pizzas.

Pizzas are the favourite items of food and consumed widely in India alone. Over 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide every year. This makes it clear that life without those crunchy crusted base bursting of cheese with a flavour of pepperoni, olives and mushrooms with that devouring smell are among people’s favourites. And getting all of this at just Rs. 29 is a dream come true for all you pizza lovers! It’s a treat to your tongue with that heavenly taste and to your pocket with that reasonable price. Buy Pizza at Rs. 29 at Cheelizza!



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